Vintage Gay Loops Video – Pool Room

Hello and welcome to our site, if you are here it means that you like vintage porn and this next one is a really exciting vintage gay loops video, so don’t waste any more time and check it out right now! If you are a true vintage porn fan then you are going to appreciate this quality video, because it has all that it needs to turn you on and leave you wet in the pants. Two horny men are having a meeting at a studio and they talk about making the next porn movie together.

After they discuss different ideas they get horny and start practicing, just like the guys from older 4 me videos. Now this is when theng get interesting because they have different ideas so they have lots of practice to do, this means lots of hardcore ass hammering in many different sex positions, and don’t forget that these guys are pros so get ready for some serious vintage gay action!

Vintage Gay Loops Movie – Ride with the boyz

In the next vintage gay loops movie you will have the chance to watch one of the hottest threesome gay scene, of three sexy horny men fucking outdoors in the middle of nowhere. This next vintagegayloops hot gay sex storyline is quite interesting, three guys decide to take a trip and spend some time together outdoors. After a long and tiring drive with the car they reach the destination and start setting up the tents. It is a torrid day and the boyz take off their shirts and start fooling around splashing each other with water!

Hotter they get, more exciting the scene gets and they lay down on the grass and start pulling off each others pants to reach inside and feel one another hard cock. You can see how hard and stiff they are, and they form a chain and start sucking one another’s cock, until all three of them shoots their big loads of cum! If you enjoy watching our vintage gay videos take a look at the other updates too!

Horny Gay Cowboys

After a hard day of work the guys are getting back to the farm in this next vintage gay loops update .

They are sweaty and covered in dust, so both of these hot and naked sportsmen are going to wash their bodies before preparing the dinner. Soon will get dark and they need a good night of sleep after this tiring day, because tomorrow they are back to work. What a boring life they have you may say, specially when there is no one and nothing to keep them company, to entertain them.

But as you will see in the next vintagegayloops scene, things are not quite that boring for these two hot guys. They know how to relax specially on this evening when they go to wash off. After they give each other a good wash, one of them gets on his knees and takes his buddies pants off, revealing his hard cock. He then takes it in his mouth and starts sucking it until his buddy blows his load!


See these gay cowboys sucking off each other!

Vintage Gay Loops – Gay Kama Sutra

This next vintage gay loops update is quite interesting. I’m sure you’ve heard about Kama Sutra and this is what the next scene is all about. Is even more interesting because three horny naked men are trying different kind of Kama Sutra positions and don’t expect to any soft-core activities. No this is a really hardcore gay action and you will see these guys fucking each other in some impossible positions. You know what they say, don’t try this yourself unless you really know what you’re doing.

Just watch this hardcore scene and learn from the pros! I am quite impressed of what they are doing, i don’t even know how that muscled guy can hold that twink between his legs, so that the other can shove his cock in the guy’s ass. You can see how much he enjoys being fucked specially if he has one hot ass to lick and stick his tongue in! Have fun!


See these horny guys fucking in all kind of positions!

VintageGayLoops – Hardcore threesome

Welcome back to vintagegayloops for more hardcore gay threesome action! These vintage movies are really interesting and the guys are extremely hot and good-looking. This scene is even more interesting because these horny studs are inviting a friend in their dorm to study together and this straight guy has no idea what is going to happen. The other two are a gay couple and they want to shag this straight guy so lets see how they convince him to change sides in this vintage gay loops porn scene.

Not only they convince him to get naked, but he even opens his mouth for their hard big cocks but he doesn’t stops here. It turns out he even bottoms for the two gays, and he gets his virgin ass fucked really hard. If you seen our previous vintage gay videos you know how hardcore are these vintage scenes, but this one is quite amazing. You don’t see a straight guy getting fucked by two horny gays every day now do you! Well this guy takes a cock in his ass like a pro wants his ass gets used to the feeling of getting stretched by a dick, and he even rides one of the guys while he sucks the other taking his cock balls deep in his mouth!


 Watch this cute guy getting his ass and mouth fucked!

Hot twinks fucking outdoors

Hello guys and welcome back because once again we have a quality vintage gay loops scene for you, and i think you are going to love that scene. A guy is picked up on the street by a stranger who is bored of driving alone. They get to know better each other because it’s a long road ahead them. They are both returning to college after a long summer and it turns out they are heading to the same place. The driver keeps checking up on this guy that he picked up in his car and he gets a boner.

Ashamed, he tries to hide it and pulls aside saying he needs to take a leak, but this other guy fallows him into the bushes and places his hand on his new buddies hard cock that pokes through his pants. Like the guys from the chaosmen website, they are ready to fuck all the time so they quickly start to kiss and takes off each other’s shirt, then the guy who’s driving heads back to the car and brings a blanket. They lay down naked and start making out again, by now both of them are rock hard and ready to play with each other’s cock. After they make turns on sucking dry each other, the guy who’s got picked up is ready to take a big cock up in his ass. Enjoy watching this hot vintagegayloops scene and don’t forget to check out the others scenes too!


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Vintage Gay Loops – Blowjob

You are going to love this next vintage gay loops blowjob scene, featuring two hot and horny guys who can’t get enough of each other’s hard big cock. The scene starts with them making out and slowly undressing each other, then they move to the bed touching and kissing one another’s hot body. This hairy man then starts stroking his friend’s big cock and takes it in his mouth. As you can see he really knows haw to suck a cock and gives a hot sloppy blowjob until his buddy can’t take it anymore and shoots his big load on the guys face. Now it’s time for him to return the favor and take his frien’s cock balls deep in his mouth, sucking it until his mouth goes numb, then he turns around and asks his friend to fuck his ass nice and hard.

The guy slides his cock inside his ass and first starts to slide in in and out slowly, then as he gets very horny he starts fucking that ass harder and harder. His friends loud moans are driving his crazy and he dumps his load in that tight ass! Have fun watching this hardcore vintage gay scene guys!


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Sex in parent’s basement

From the title, you already get an idea about what is going to happen in this vintage gay loops video scene, and trust me this is one of the hottest videos. A twink decides to invite his new friend over. These handsome guys met in the bar and he would like to get more intimate with this guy but they can’t afford a hotel room, so the twink takes his friend down in his parents basement. It is hard for him to concentrate knowing that his parents are upstairs and they don’t know that he is gay. But this guy he met is really hot and it’s been so long since he had sex with another guy, so he decides to risk getting caught.

Once they get in the basement they close the door behind them and get straight to business, ripping the clothes off each other and kissing. They both are rock hard and after the twinks gives to his older buddy an amazing blowjob he gets his tight ass penetrated and fucked hard! Enjoy watching this hardcore vintagegayloops scene and have fun!


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VintageGayLoops – Gay tryangle

We have a new exciting vintagegayloops porn scene for you, featuring three horny guys who are taking a trip together. Things are getting really hot when they start fighting in the car because one of them finds out that his boyfriend fucked this third guy. They stop in the middle of nowhere trying to fix the problem. The guy who feels so betrayed feels that things might get even only if he fucks this other guy too and his friend has nothing against it.

Have fun watching these gay men in an amazing outdoor threesome, as they fuck each other in that car. While one of them gets his ass penetrated by a large cock, the other enjoys getting his hard cock sucked. At the end of this vintage gay loops scene they shoot their loads filling the car with their sticking cum! If you like what you see, com back fore more exciting vintagegayloops videos!


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Vintage Gay Loops – Cute guy loves licking ass

You are going to love these two hot college guys having hardcore gay sex in this next vintage gay loops porn scene. They are so hot and horny, and they have sexy bodies and rock hard cocks, just like hot JakeCruise. These college guys are not wasting any time after classes, they like to spend time together in the dorm and play with each other. This afternoon they decided to study together but non of them can really concentrate so they need to do something about this.

One of them takes off his pants and start jerking off his hard cock, while the other takes off his clothes and fallows him to the bed. One in bed, they stat sucking off one another’s cocks, and then one of them starts licking his buddies ass making it nice and wet for what’s about to happen next. One the guy’s ass is wet, this twink slides his cock in that ass and slides it in and out slowly, then faster and faster until he shoots his big load feeling that ass with his creamy cum! Enjoy watching this hot video scene and come back for more1


Have fun watching thus cute guy licking that ass! 

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